Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tolerance for Frustration & Ambiguity

I have wanted to reply to people who have joined/acknowledged, responded  'reached out' in American parlance (sorry guys) but butted up against my limitations again. You have to persevere which is challenging if you're not in the mood but kinda fun if you are.

I was thinking the perfect mentality for this experience is a technical mind AND pleasure in communicating and writing. An atypical combination that perhaps will become more common as it is more and more demanded of us. I suppose its that old connectivity thing again - we can't be either a tech person OR a writer/communicator in this era, we need to be and its better for us to be a tech person AND a writer/communicator. These will inherit the earth or rule the new world. or both.

But I'm also thinking tolerance for frustration and ambiguity are characteristics of adventurous and creative, inquisitive people - and a lot of academics/learners could be described this way - who can put up with ambiguity and like finding some sense in it all. Somewhere in the stream of things I have read around the MOOC someone mentioned sense-making as a critical capacity that is developed in a MOOC also. I would like to be able to keep records of things I read so I can share them more effectively.

I was just getting the hang of the bibliography business and this is a whole other realm.

I can also feel how writing in this space, the blog space, can easily become addictive, if only for the fact you have an imagined audience that is listening to you and wants to hear what you say. Who's ego can resist that? Again it flatters and soothes the academic ego quite nicely - whether or not there are any actual readers.

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  1. Jennifer, great start of your blog. I will follow your blog this winter during the #change11 MOOC.