Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting started

I've dipped into the Twitter stream a few times to see what's happening and to get oriented. I have read a couple of other blogs and watched a really informative video/interview. My problem is I don't have the skills/ knowledge to track these pieces of information that could enrich the blog and my personal record of the whole experience.

I am fortunate to have not one but two tech advisors - friends of whom I can ask dumb questions. But it really is an exercise in problem solving at a detailed level, at least at a level of detail I find difficult and I can't call on them at every and any moment. It's down to me to make it work.

So I guess what I'm doing here is keeping a blog about what it's like to venture into an on-line environment without many skills.

I have set up this blog and I have I think successfully registered it at the appropriate place.

I do have a Twitter account in an entirely different name that I also started as an experiment. I guess it's find to experiment except that you/one hears/reads about the importance of managing one's on-line identity and being careful. How forgiving is an on-line environment of experiments? I hope someone in the course will talk about on-line identity management and creation.

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  1. I think you've made a great start Jennifer with your first accounts - very clear and refreshingly honest. MOOCs tend to be far more disorientating than 'normal' courses. Consider joining the Change11 Facebook group . There are over 180 participants there now from all over so there'a always someone around to answer questions - sometimes within minutes! (BTW I like your blog title!)